Swiss Wood Cards for banking and insurance

Credit cards, debit cards and insurance cards made of sustainable wood

Certified cards for financial service providers and health insurers.

We develop, produce and market wooden cards in the banking sector (& non-banking), which are made from renewable raw materials, especially wood, and are biodegradable. In this way, we want to actively contribute to the resource-saving use of raw materials, the reduction of plastic waste and the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Key Benefits

  • Aesthetics (different types of wood, patterns, colors)
  • Excellent haptics (no varnish, no overlay)
  • Different wood species and patterns allow for a variety of designs
  • Different wood grains make each card unique
  • Individualized cards through precise laser engraving or inkjet printing
  • High scratch resistance and surface hardness
  • In harmony with the circular economy
  • Promotion of sustainable, domestic forestry

Charakteristics: Sustainable. Environmentally friendly. High-tech. Durable.

  • Wood based from certified and sustainable sources in Switzerland and EU.
  • Wood species maple. Other wood species such as beech, cherry, oak, spruce potentially possible and developable on request.
  • 100% biodegradable (except electronic and magnetic components)
  • High durability and lifetime (> 3 years)
  • Smart card technologies: contactless payment, dual-interface cards, magnetic stripe optional
  • Personalization with laser engraving and/or laser/inkjet printing
  • Smooth, closed pore surface finish
  • High scratch resistance
  • High bending strength

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card made of cherry wood

Prepaid Cards

Whether it's shopping online, booking a rental car, or holding credit for savings purposes, a credit card top-up can be useful for many users. How nice would it be to also do something good for the environment by doing without plastic? Our prepaid cards are made from local wood, compostable and promote sustainable forestry.

Debit Cards

Debit Cards

A classic debit card is a plastic card with printed data and an electronic memory chip. The main advantage here is complete cost control. However, for the environment it means, for example, plastic in our oceans and a danger for humans and animals. Therefore, the Swiss Wood Cards offer a sustainable and ecological alternative in line with a circular economy.

Debit card from maple

Credit Cards

Credit card from bar maple

Credit Cards

A conventional credit card belongs in almost everyone's wallet today, but represents an enormous burden on nature due to the 275 million tons of plastic waste generated worldwide every year. «Sustainable banking is the new normal" and in this sense we have the Swiss Wood Card Credit card launched because we support green banking and do not use plastic.

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